SICCA 900-2500 GTC

Main applications

  • Boiler circulation
  • Boiler feed systems
  • Cooling water and condensate
  • Energy
  • Industry engineering
  • Oil /Gas
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Pipelines and Tanks
  • Power Stations < 100 MW
  • Power Stations > 100 MW
  • Refineries

Design type


Technical data

T max 650 °C

"Válvula de compuerta conforme a ANSI/ASME con extremos para soldar, tapa autoclave, cuña en dos piezas, husillo exterior no ascendente y volante manual no ascendente, superficie de contacto asiento/obturador y asiento trasero reforzados con estellite, con junta de grafito y prensaestopas; disponible en acero al carbono y acero aleado."


Further technical information about SICCA 900-2500 GTC

Overview of technical data

T 0 – 650 (°C)
Actuator options available ex works Electric actuator to customer's choice
Body material(s) (ASTM standard) WCB, WC6, WC9
Body design Straight pattern body
Bonnet design Yoke for fitting actuator
Class(es) 2500, 1500, 900
Design standard ASME B16.34
Handwheel movememt Non-rising
Size(s) (NPS) 2" - 28"
Valve disc/plug material Metal-to-metal seat
Threaded-end design butt weld end design
Pressure/Temperature Rating ASME B16.34
Stem sealing Gland packing
Trim Stellite
Main applications Industry and process engineering, Energy, Oil / Gas
Body material Cast steel
Body/bonnet seal element Pressure seal bonnet