PumpDrive R is a frequency inverter for wall or cabinet mounting designed for variable speed control and other control functions for asynchronous motors, synchronous reluctance motors like KSB SuPremE, or permanent magnet synchronous motors. PumpDrive R extends the power range of KSB PumpDrive up to a rated power of 110 kW as standard or up to 1.4 MW (on request).


Air-conditioning systems, heat generation, heat distribution, water supply systems, water extraction, water treatment, water distribution, water transport, refrigeration, cooling distribution, heat generation, heat distribution, fluid transport, cooling lubricant distribution, industrial water supply, tank drainage, waste water transport

Further technical information about PumpDrive R

Overview of technical data

Controlled variable Level, Pressure, Differential pressure, Flow rate, Temperature, Differential temperature
Open- / Closed-loop control Open-loop control / Closed-loop control
Maximum drive rating 1400.0 (kW)
Voltage 3~200-240V, 3~525-690V