BOA-Control/BOA-Control IMS

Main applications

  • Building services
  • Heating / ventilation / air-condition
  • Industry engineering
  • Water supply
  • Water transport

Technical data

T max 120 °C
DN max 350
PN max 16


Balancing valve to DIN/EN with flanged ends, bonnetless, with throttling plug, scaled position indicator, travel stop and insulating cap with anti-condensation feature, maintenance-free; full insulation possible; suitable for measuring flow rate with ultrasonic sensors and for temperature measurement, sensors not in contact with fluid handled, mobile measurements in combination with BOATRONIC MS measuring computer, permanent measurement set-up with BOATRONIC MS-420 measuring computer, constant accuracy independent of differential pressures. Also available with electrostatic plastic coating and DVGW-certified for drinking water (BOA-Control IMS EKB; up to DN 200).


Hot-water heating systems up to 120 °C (BOA-Control and BOA-Control IMS), air-conditioning systems and cooling systems, and for permanent measurement set-ups (BOA-Control IMS), drinking water systems and industrial cooling circuits (EKB model). Not suitable for fluids containing mineral oils, steam or fluids liable to attack EPDM and uncoated grey cast iron.

Further technical information about BOA-Control/BOA-Control IMS

Overview of technical data

T -10 – 120 (°C)
DN 15 – 350
PN 16
Actuator options available ex works electrical actuator similar to BOA-CVE SuperCompact
Body design Straight pattern body
Dimension standard EN558/1 ISO5752/1
Volume flow rate measurement Yes, ultrasonic measurement incl. temperature measurement
Handwheel movememt Non-rising
Valve disc/plug material Soft and metal-to-metal seat
Threaded-end design Flange design
Stem sealing Profile joint
Body material (EN standard) JL 1040
Main applications Building services
Body material Cast iron
Body/bonnet seal element None (single-piece body)