Main applications

  • Cryogenics
  • Energy
  • General Processes
  • Industry engineering
  • Liquefied gas tankers
  • Navy
  • Offshore platforms
  • Oil /Gas
  • Other vessels
  • Shipping / Shipbuilding
  • Snow guns

Technical data

T max 260 °C
DN max 1,400
PN max 25


Triple-offset butterfly valve for cryogenic applications. Side entry valve (BWSE) with weld ends to ASME or flanged body (T7) with raised/flat faces. Body made of stainless steel. Connections to ASME schedules 10S, 10, 40S, STD and XS to NPS for BWSE valves, Class 150 for flanged butterfly valves. Fire-safe approval. With gearbox, pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator.


LNG processes. All liquefied gases.

Further technical information about TRIODIS 150

Overview of technical data

T -250 – 260 (°C)
DN 50 – 1,400
PN 25
Class(es) 150
Size(s) (NPS) 2"-56"
Valve disc/plug material Metal-to-metal seat