Main applications

  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Breweries
  • Chemical industry
  • Cooling water and condensate
  • Drainage
  • Energy
  • Flood / stormwater holding tanks
  • Food and beverages
  • General Processes
  • Heat transfer, Cooling circuits
  • Industrial waste water
  • Industry engineering
  • Nuclear Power Stations
  • Oil /Gas
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Stations < 100 MW
  • Power Stations > 100 MW
  • Special processes
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Surface treatment
  • Turbine oil supply
  • Waste water
  • Water
  • Water treatment
  • Water works
  • Watertreatment

Technical data

Q max 1,160.0 m³/h
H max 110.0 m


Vertical immersion pump for wet installation with closed impeller, to DIN EN ISO 5199 (with comments). Supplied with discharge pipe extending above the cover plate, DN according to nominal flow rate. Sealing by lip seal, single or double cartridge mechanical seal. ATEX-compliant version available.


Pumping chemically aggressive, slightly contaminated or solids-laden fluids in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Further technical information about Estigia

Overview of technical data

Q (50Hz) 0.0 – 1,160.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz) 0.0 – 110.0 (m)
Casing material (EN standard) DUPLEX STAINLESS STEEL 1.4593, GREY CAST IRON JL1040 / A48CL3, STAINLESS STEEL 1.4408
Installation position Vertical
Shaft seal type Shaft seal ring, Mechanical seal
Main applications Industry and process engineering, Water, Waste water / sewage, Energy, Oil / Gas
Casing material Cast iron, Duplex steel, Cast stainless steel
Type of installation Stationary