Main applications

  • Boiler feed systems
  • Breweries
  • Chemical industry
  • Drainage
  • Energy
  • Food and beverages
  • Groundwaterlevel (mining/buildings)
  • Industrial waste water
  • Industry engineering
  • Municipal waste water
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology
  • Power Stations > 100 MW
  • Steel
  • Sugar
  • Surface drainage
  • Waste water
  • Water
  • Water Extraction
  • Water supply
  • Watertransport

Technical data

T max 180 °C
DN max 600
PN max 10


MSS SP 81 knife gate valve made of carbon steel and stainless steel, uni-directional design with gland packing, suitable for ANSI and EN connections.


In industrial plants, the pulp and paper, food and beverages, as well as chemical industry, waste water engineering. For water, waste water and solids-laden fluids. Other fluids on request.

Further technical information about HERA-SH

Overview of technical data

T -10 – 180 (°C)
DN 50 – 600
PN 10
Body material(s) (ASTM standard) CF8, WCB
Body design Wafer body
Bonnet design Bonnet
Class(es) 150
Valve disc/plug material Soft and metal-to-metal seat
Threaded-end design Wafer-type design
Stem sealing PTFE V-rings with spring or graphite gland packing
Main applications Industry and process engineering, Water, Waste water / sewage, Mining / Dredge
Body material Cast stainless steel, Carbon steel
Actuator position feedback No