Mechanical seals to API 682, 4th Edition


  • API 682 applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries


  • Single cartridge seal 

Technical Data

  • Pressure: Up to 40 bar
  • Temperature: -10 °C to 200 °C


The single cartridge seal can be connected to all common API Plans, such as 01, 02, 11, 31, 32 + 51, 61 (62) and 23 + 51, 61 (62). The seals are available for all of KSB's API pumps.

The throttling bush enables connection to a gas, steam or liquid quench , depending on the seal variant. This prevents outboard incrustations at the seal.

The API Plan combination 02 + 23 with high-efficiency pumping ring is perfectly matched to applications with hot fluids.

Variant 4EDBM6S

Single mechanical seal with floating throttling bush for optional connection to a gas quench or steam quench.

Variant 4EDBM6Q

Single mechanical seal with segmented throttling bush for use with a liquid quench.