Mechanical seals to API 682, 4th Edition


  • API 682 applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries


  • Double cartridge seal

Technical Data

  • Shaft diameter: 50 to 120 mm
  • Temperature: up to 40 °C


The double cartridge seal can be connected to all common API Plans, such as 01, 02, 11, 31,   32 + 52, 53 (A, B, C) and 23 + 52, 53 (A, B, C). The seals are available for all of KSB's API pumps.

The space between the two mechanical seals is flushed with a buffer or barrier fluid, depending on the application. This completely absorbs any leakage of the fluid pumped. In addition, the heat is transported away from this area. The double pressure balanced mechanical seal can be operated with pressurised barrier fluid or unpressurised buffer fluid.

Variant 4KSBM6T

Double mechanical seal for use with unpressurised buffer fluid (API Plan 52).

Variant 4KSBM6D

Double mechanical seal for use with pressurised barrier fluid (API Plan 53).