Thermosyphon system to API 682, 4th edition


  • API Plan 52

Technical Data

  • Process side: Up to 50 bar: -29 °C to 200 °C
  • Cooling water side: Up to 16 bar: -29 °C to 99°C
  • Total volume: 15 liters / 26 liters

*System to API 682, 3rd edition, also available


Thermosyphon system compliant with all requirements of API 682, 4th edition*. Used for double mechanical seals (arrangement 2). The pressure of the buffer fluid fluid is lower than the pressure in the pump's seal chamber.

Circulation between the buffer fluidd reservoir and the KSB mechanical seal is ensured via a circulation system integrated in the seal. The reservoir and the seal are perfectly matched.

The system flushes the space between the seals with a clean buffer fluid. This also ensures that the heat in the area is removed, increasing the seal's service life.

*System to API 682, 3rd edition, also available