Pressurised barrier fluid system to API 682, 4th edition


  • API Plan 53A

Technical Data

  • Process side: Up to 50 bar: -29 °C to 200 °C
  • Total volume: 20 liters / 35 liters


Closed pressurised barrier fluid system compliant with all requirements of API 682, 4th edition*. Used for double mechanical seals (arrangement 3). The barrier fluid pressure is higher than the pressure in the pump's seal chamber. The pressure is generated by a bladder accumulator upstream of the seal.

Pressurisation by the bladder accumulator prevents the pressurised gas from dissolving in the barrier fluid, especially at high pressures. An integrated cooler** ensures an optimum operating temperature in the space between the two seals.

The pressure of the clean barrier fluid in the space between the two mechanical seals is higher than the process fluid pressure. As a result, clean barrier fluid will always be available between the seal faces, minimising wear and carrying the heat away from this area. This markedly increases the mechanical seal life.

*System to API 682, 3rd edition, also available

** Optionally available with water cooler or air cooler