Main applications

  • Ash removal
  • Hard Rock mining
  • Industrial Process
  • Mineral Mining
  • Mining
  • Slurry

Design type

Long-coupled design

Technical data

Q max 2455.0 m³/h
H max 50.0 m


Interchangeable rubber and metal designs allows best material choice for any application. Easy wet end change can adapt existing pumps to new applications.


Pumps are suitable for moderate discharge heads, fine particles and highly corrosive slurries.

Further technical information about LCC-R

Overview of technical data

Q (50Hz) 25.0 – 2455.0 (m³/h)
H (50Hz) 5.0 – 50.0 (m)
Type of bearing Rolling element bearings
Type of drive Electric motor, turbine, I.C. engine
Type of coupling Direct, Gear, None, Variable speed coupling, Jack shaft / Belt drive, Float switch, Bubbler system
Type of lubrication Grease / Oil lubrication
Pump set location Dry installed, Wet well, Dry installed, floodable
Free passage 107 (mm)
Shaft seal type Gland packing, Mechanical seal, Hydrodynamic seal
Main applications Industry and process engineering, Water, Waste water / sewage, Energy, Mining / Dredges, Shipping / Shipbuilding
Type of installation Transportable, Stationary