Technical consultancy from KSB: the entire system in sight

KSB offers far more than just service and spare parts. The technical consultancy staff of KSB Service provide comprehensive pump and valve know-how for modern, reliable pump systems.

Technical consultancy from KSB

Taking into account the system as a whole, the KSB specialists always strive to find the most economical solution. From repairs to using specially developed materials, retrofitting variable speed systems or replacing a machine, KSB’s service experts work together with the customer to develop individual solutions. They identify the best way to adapt systems to changing conditions, be it in the technical area or changes in legislation.

Technical consultancy: rely on experience and know-how

KSB’s technical consultancy service for pumps and other rotating equipment has three goals:

  • System optimisation
  • Energy savings
  • Prolonged service life of rotating equipment of any make

To ensure optimum customer consultancy, KSB’s service specialists draw on the know-how of all KSB specialist departments, from Engineering to Production.

Examples of technical consultancy for pumps and other rotating equipment

  • Developing mechanical seal concepts with optimum effect, all matched to the pump, fluid handled and system conditions
  • Adjustment of speed to achieve optimum pump control for different system requirements
  • Modification of the hydraulic system, for example, by fitting new impellers and diffusers
  • Use of specially developed materials to reduce wear
  • Fitting of temperature and vibration sensors to monitor functioning and condition – on request, data can also be transmitted remotely
  • Use of up-to-date bearings technology (product-lubricated) for prolonged service life
  • Coatings to improve efficiency

Benefits of technical consultancy for pumps and other rotating equipment

  • Saving energy by improving efficiency
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by optimising the system
  • Safety and reliability through monitoring and identifying non-conformities at an early stage
  • Saving costs through prolonged service life
  • Bespoke solutions for individual requirements and needs
  • Expert advice based on manufacturer know-how
  • Materials expertise thanks to in-house research

Information on increasing the energy efficiency of systems can be found here.


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