Belangrijkste toepassingen

  • Bevloeiïng
  • Energie
  • Energiecentrales < 100 MW
  • Energiecentrales > 100 MW
  • Kerncentrales
  • Meer, Stuwdam
  • Primair circuit
  • Ruwwatertrans
  • Secundair circuit
  • Turbineolietransport
  • Water
  • Water extractie
  • Waterbehandeling
  • Waterontzilting
  • Watertransport

Technische gegevens

T max 65 °C
DN max 1.400
PN max 40

DUALIS is a shut-off butterfly valve, which also functions as a check valve.
It is manufactured in nominal sizes ranging from DN 500 to DN 1400 for pressure classes PN 6 to PN 40. It’s composed of a counter weight and a butterfly valve
During normal operation, Dualis works as electro-hydraulically actuated butterfly valves.
It opens when the arm is lifted thanks to an hydraulic jack supplied by an hydraulic power unit. In the event of failure, the weight fitted to the lever arm falls and closes the valve.
Pumps, turbines, pipelines protection
Prevention of fluid backflow

Meer technische informatie over DUALIS

Overzicht van technische gegevens

T -10 – 65 (°C)
DN 500 – 1.400
PN 40
Belangrijkste toepassingsgebieden industrie- en procestechniek, water, energie
PN min. 6